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FARS Srl: reality world leader in the production, development and marketing of religious articles and souvenirs for over 40 years.

Its success is continually confirmed by the commitment and work of a company that relies entirely on passion, experience, research and technological innovation. Working on 6,000 square meters of covered, in fact, uses the most advanced design and prototyping for the perfect finished product is industrialized. Thanks to its qualified staff and specialized objects are created and inspired by the popular devotion to the pervasive religiosity manifested by simplicity, practicality and spirituality.

Its lines are made up of items entirely made in Italy in full respect of the environment. They are used, in fact, for the processing and finishing products with a low environmental impact and non-toxic water-based paints. In addition, the company uses solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Here, then, that the combination of innovation, technology and passion are born unique individuals in thermoplastic resins or polyesters, synthetic wood, solid wood or metal, glass, crystal and silver, all taken care of and then in detail by the touch and craftsmanship.


The target

The company is aimed at a wider market that includes shrines, shops selling religious articles and souvenirs, and has a major distribution network in foreign markets. The focus on the customer and the frequent promotions to ensure each store the opportunity to showcase valuables and a strong visual impact at low cost.


The Experience

Experience, know-how, research, passion, originality and quality are the elements that have affirmed the FARS as the first company of reference in the sector in Italy and in the world.